CARU air the CO2 measuring device from Switzerland.

Healthy through the winter with fresh air.

CARU air – damit die Luft in Innenräumen genau so frisch ist wie draussen.
Your advantages.

- Understandable traffic light system
- High quality CO2 sensor
- Award-winning design
- High data security
- Flexible placing
- Swiss manufacturer

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Produktbild von CARU air dem Schweizer CO2 Messgerät in einem Büro.
What does ventilation do against viruses?

When we exhale, we spread aerosols. Viruses get into the air through this. With regular ventilation, we reduce the amount of aerosols in the air and thus the risk of infection - for example with corona.

AND BY THE WAY:Fresh air keeps us awake, helps us to concentrate and makes us more productive.

This is how it works

Erklärende Zeichnung der CO2 Ampel im grünen Bereich – Anleitung, um richtig zu lüften.
The air is fresh.
< 1000 ppm CO2

Airing is done quickly and easily forgotten. All the better if everyone in the room helps out. It's now very easy with CARU air. Because anyone can read traffic lights. And it's also fun.

Erklärende Zeichnung der CO2 Ampel im gelben Bereich – Anleitung, um richtig zu lüften.
Ventilate soon.
1000 - 1400 ppm CO2

Until now we could only guess when it would be time to ventilate again. With CARU air you now know exactly: as soon as yellow and at the latest when red.

Erklärende Zeichnung der CO2 Ampel im roten Bereich – Anleitung, um richtig zu lüften.
Open the window.
> 1400 ppm CO2

When it's time to ventilate, we should also know how: Open as many windows and doors as possible at the same time and fully. Ventilation is the motto. And that until the CARU air flashes green again.

High quality CO2 sensor.

CARU air stands for Swiss quality. That is why we rely on the high-quality CO2 sensor from Sensirion: For efficient and sustainable ventilation, especially in the cold autumn and winter months.

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Award-winning design.

By winning the Design Prize Switzerland , we have already proven with our core product CARU that we can combine function, design and social impact in a meaningful way in one product. And that's exactly what CARU air is all about.

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High data security.

That is important to us. That is why CARU air neither records data nor stores it in the cloud. We think:The moment to ventilate is what matters.
CO2 Messgerät CARU air in einem Sitzungszimmer.
How to place CARU air.

- Not directly at the window
- 1.5 meters away from people
- Connect to the mains

TIP: A CARU air covers up to 80m2.

Who is behind it.

At CARU, we are a leading global AgeTech company from Zurich. Our core product:a voice-controlled emergency call with chat function. CARU air is also recently part of the portfolio. The step may seem big from the outside. However, our core product already had everything it takes to be a cool CO2 measuring device: an award-winning design and a high-quality CO2 sensor. With both products, we pursue one goal: high quality of life - from young to old.
CARU air in the test.

The IT blogger Hans Fischer from tested CARU air. Find out what the result was in the detailed blog post.

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